Square Enix’s HD-2D visual style has been a major hit with Switch owners, finding the perfect mix of modern bells and whistles, while still hearkening back to the 16-bit glory days of RPGs. The style was first utilized in Octopath Traveler, and once again implemented in the recent release of Triangle Strategy. While those two games are wholly original, the next HD-2D game from Square Enix is a remake.

As you most likely know, LIVE A LIVE is finally going to see release outside of Japan. The SNES title is getting a complete overhaul for Switch, complete with an HD-2D visual upgrade. It seems Square Enix is getting a lot of mileage out of this graphical approach, which begs the question, what game could be next?

In an interview with Inverse, Square Enix Producer Tomoya Asano was asked if there will be any other remakes coming that use the HD-2D style. His response is as follows.

It was great to see the reactions based on Live A Live, the HD-2D remake. Especially because this was the first time that it’s being released outside of Japan. We were excited to see what kind of reactions people had. We really do want to continue to monitor what kind of games get great reactions. Maybe what kind of games haven’t been released outside of Japan? There are a lot of factors that we’re going to be looking into when determining what games we’re going to remake as a team.

As we mentioned above, the latest HD-2D game on the market is Triangle Strategy. Just like Octopath Traveler before it, both games use the same visual style, and also have rather interesting names. Asano was also asked about how the team arrived at the name Triangle Strategy, to which he said the following.

**We usually put a lot of thought into determining the game’s titles. One of the things that we make sure that we think about is if the player can imagine what kind of game it is based on the title. When you look at Triangle Strategy, a triangle is three angles, and then “strategy.” So it’s a strategy game that you play from three angles. Octopath Traveler is also named kind of from that perspective: Octo is the eight paths that you’re traveling.

We wanted to see what the reactions would be like behind “Project Triangle Strategy.” So having “Project” at the start of the name would give us a little bit of room to be able to change the name, but it ended up resonating with the audience, so we thought we’d keep the Triangle Strategy name.**

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2y ago

Triangle Strategy isn't a great name, but its also not too terrible either. I'd definitely give it a pass before Bravely Default or Octopath Traveler, at least. I definitely like the name more than The DioField Chronicle, too.

I enjoy the HD-2D games as well, but I dont care much either way about remaking games in the style. Live A Live is a great choice solely because it had never been localized, though. I dont particularly understand what's taking the 2DHD Dragon Quest 3 so long, but I also hope it gets a localization.

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2y ago


The DQ3 remake was only announced less than a year ago…


2y ago

I want to know what audience the title supposedly resonated with, because as much as I love this game, I don't think anyone actively likes the title 'Triangle Strategy' lol


2y ago

So what does Bravely Default mean going by this logic?


2y ago

I really like those silly names for "serious" games.

And Live A Live remake was announced months ago and comes out worldwide in July. If they can turn around one that quickly, then logic dictates they can do the same for one of their more important, headlining franchises.


2y ago


I could easily see the appeal with the Japanese audience, the one they care about most, and other not fluent English speaking places. Japanese is generally an extremely literal language, and a lot of people like to use English words solely because they sound "cool" or are eye catching, and the title strongly reflects those two things.

And really, I dont think the name is too bad though. I feel SE is chock-full of equally terrible names for games that we no longer question due to the age of them. Final Fantasy is a pretty terrible name now that the series didn't bankrupt them 30+ years ago and instead is their (debatably) most important franchise, but its a conversation no one cares to have anymore just because it's so old and ingrained in the gaming community.


2y ago


But we don't know how long they've been working on the LIVE A LIVE remake before they announced it.


2y ago

Chrono Trigger. It's as easy as that.

And again, we have no idea how long DQ3 has been either, and there is no reason to assume it should be given a pass for being significantly longer out still. Let's also not forget that SE is notoriously bad for localizing DQ games in a timely matter, meaning we will most likely have to wait even longer overseas for it.

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