Build-a-Bear Workshop has a long history with the Pokémon Company, as they’ve released a ton of different Pokémon plushes over the years. We all knew that the collaboration was going to continue, but had no clue as to which Pokémon would get the plush treatment next. Now that speculation can end, as word has leaked a bit early on the next Pokémon on the way.

It seems word has started to spread on none other than Teddiursa getting the plush treatment from Build-a-Bear Workshop, as you can see above. While Build-a-Bear hasn’t made its official announcement yet, word has it one will be made in the very near future. As usual, once that news is officially revealed, we’ll bring you the complete details.

If you’re looking to grab this Teddiursa plush, be ready to act right away. These Pokémon plush releases always garner a ton of online attention, and pre-orders sell out quickly!

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