A new update is now available for Monster Harvest on Switch. We don’t have a patch number, but we do have full details on the patch itself, and it’s a massive one. Take a look at the full list of patch notes below.

New content added includes the following:

  • Introducing Aster & The Clothing Store A new merchant arrives in town.
  • Change your character to 1 of 32 appearances
  • Aster can be romanced and gifted, the conclusion resulting in a reward cutscene
  • Shop visuals also improved

Combat 2.0

-Escape Battle option now available - Swap Planimals mid-battle - Heal Planimals between battles with potions bought from the clinic

House Customization

  • 5 different house styles available to purchase from the sign outside the player house
  • Cosmetic changes persist across house levels.

Festival Improvements

  • Livestock festival will trigger a cutscene after 90 seconds of being at the festival
  • Fishing contest allows the player to submit a fish for judging
  • The cookoff allows players to enter a dish of their choice to be scrutinized

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