The indie horror visual-novels developed by Nikita Kryukov, Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk and Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk, which are two parts in a series, have received overwhelming positive reviews on Steam. Following their success, publisher Forever Entertainment has now announced that they’ll be bringing the games to Switch as a singular release, bundling both of the psychological games into one eShop title.

Set for a digital-only launch on November 11th, 2022, pre-orders are currently available via the Nintendo eShop. A 20% off discount is being offered for a limited time, pricing it at $6.39 USD instead of $7.99 USD. Check out more details about the games below.

A short story about what sort of challenges everyday little things can be. Help the girl buy milk, be the first not to disappoint her.

The game is a small visual novel, showing either funny abstraction and wordplay or painful psychological episodes. The claim that history is based on real events will be too specific, so it is easier to pretend that it is just a set of abstractions and wordplay.

First of all, this is an artistic manipulation with word and form, only then - a game.

This product includes both the first and the second part of the series: “Milk Inside A Bag Of Milk Inside A Bag Of Milk” and “Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk”.


  • Psychedelic narrative full of pyramidal verbal constructions.
  • Stylized pixel graphics which reflect the girl’s distorted perception of the world.
  • High variability: each playthrough is unique. However, some dialogue lines, images and scenes have only a small chance of appearing; you’ll have to really get close to the girl in order to find out everything she hides.
  • Oppressive and viscous soundtrack.
  • Unique graphic style
  • Authentic audio solutions

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