ARK: Survival Evolved’s original release on Switch was quite a disappointment. While many were surprised to see the game come to Switch at all, we were unfortunately given a rather lackluster port. While many thought that would be the end of things on Switch, the game is now getting a second chance at success with a complete overhaul.

As we’ve shared already, ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is now available on Switch. This is a complete revamp of ARK: Survival Evolved, with code being rewritten from the ground up. This time out, the team wanted to show that their game could sing on Switch given the right attention, and that does appear to be the case.

The video above takes a close look at ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition to showcase the many vast improvements made with this free update. The changes are so sweeping and impressive that this port feels like a whole new game now! Give the video a watch and see just how deep the revamp runs.

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