LAB132 have announced that will be updated to Version 1.0.4 in the near future. While we don’t have a release date, we do have the patch notes for this update. Check out the patch notes in full below.


  • Deactivateable Systems: Systems can now manually be deactivated and re-activated again (will not produce resources while deactivated, but will also cost no maintenance)
  • Several new resource colors for wires in ASL (Liquid Gas, Water, Temperature)
  • Localized AI: Spoken texts by AI voice are now available in multiple languages instead of just English (adjustable via the settings menu)
  • Improved System Placing: Players can now place multiple systems of the same kind in succession on the ASL grid


  • Adjust interest rates for banks
  • Decreased atmosphere needs for HCA and CAB workforce modules
  • Decreased workforce requirement for unlocking LPI research project from 600 to 550
  • Slightly adjusted project rewards for all 3 difficulty settings
  • Reduced overall error probabilities


  • Made the collider of A2B2 connector a bit smaller so they can be built next to each -other
  • Fixed erroneous sorting of project research hints
  • Fixed unlocking threshold for achievement “Architect” / Fixing stat updates for when progress-based achievements get unlocked
  • Fixed faulty display of required mission systems in mission project requirements

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