Bayonetta 3 may already be available on Switch, but that’s not stopping PlatinumGames from releasing more handy breakdowns. Platinum is continuing their Bayonetta 3 blog series, and today brings us yet another video to check out.

In today’s video release, Bayonetta 3 director Yusuke Miyata continues the Demon Slave series of features, this time looking at switching between Infernal Demons. Infernal demons each have their own set of strengths and unique abilities, but they also come with their own sets of weaknesses. By understanding each Infernal Demon’s weaknesses, you can get the upper hand in battle by setting 3 demons whose weaknesses complement each other well.

Miyata says there’s still a lot to share on Bayonetta 3, so it seems this won’t be the last dev blog released. We’ll keep an eye out for the next installment and bring it to you once it’s live.

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