After a somewhat lengthy delay, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator finally made its way to Switch yesterday. While you still very much get the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator experience with the Switch version, there have been some considerable changes made when compared to the same game on other platforms.

With the goal of being completely transparent, developer Landfall Games has shared a full breakdown of everything that had to be cut, tweaked or changed for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Switch. You can see the complete rundown below.

The Simulation and Legacy campaigns have been removed:

We are looking into ways of reworking and creating these campaigns for Nintendo Switch in a future update.

Units that have been removed:

The following units have been removed as they cannot meet the optimization requirements for Nintendo Switch. Just like with the removed campaigns we hope to possibly add redesigned versions of them in a future update but this isn’t something that we can promise due to the nature of the units.

Secret Faction

■ The Witch

■ Present Elf

■ Sensei

Legacy Faction

■ Dark Peasant

■ Super Peasant

Unit cap

In order to meet the optimization requirements for the console, the number of Units possible to place is limited to 20 on each side in all game modes. For the campaigns, some specific units will also have a limit on how many of them you can use at once.

Crossplay and sharing custom content

Crossplay isn’t available for multiplayer on Nintendo Switch and at launch custom content can only be shared with other switch players. However, we want to enable you to download and share custom content with other platforms in the future.


The Bug DLC will not be available on Switch, in order to meet the requirements.

List of levels that have been redesigned for Nintendo Switch:

In order to meet the optimization requirements for Nintendo Switch we have redesigned and rebalanced the following levels. They are still in the game but different from other versions, however, we think they’re just as great!

The Introduction Campaign

  • Army
  • Medium Army
  • Longships

The Challenge Campaign

  • Ice Archers and Friends
  • Phalanx
  • More Wheelbarrows
  • Zeus
  • Valk and More
  • Quincunx
  • Boars and Birds
  • Rivaling Kings
  • Big Battle
  • Big Brawl

Dynasty Campaign

  • Hwacha
  • Parade
  • Monkey king
  • Area of Effect
  • Harvester
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Two Formations
  • Zeus Revenge
  • Compact Formation
  • Great Leap
  • Blizzard
  • Viking Army

Pirate Campaign

  • A Rival Captain
  • Board The Ship
  • Surrounded
  • Traitors
  • Defend The Captain
  • Defending The Queen
  • Kings United
  • Snakes and Horns
  • Bolts and Ballistas
  • Pillage This!
  • Arrows and Arrow
  • The Monkey’s Path
  • Watch Out For The Hole
  • Second Wave Charge
  • BOOM And The Units Go Down


  • Exploding Cacti
  • Bullets and Chains
  • Exploding Lasso
  • High Noon
  • Three Bandit Gangs
  • Three Rangers
  • Bullet Rain
  • Fast Fire
  • Animal Uprising
  • Defend The City
  • Zeus Strikes
  • Ullr’s Army vShogun’s Samurai
  • Fencing Jousters
  • Blackbeard’s Crew
  • Skeleton Army
  • Spooky Army
  • Reinforcements
  • Get Them, Fast!
  • The Chase For Zeus

The Good Faction Campaign

  • Flanking Motion
  • Distant Defence
  • Unshakable Guardians
  • Farmer Uprising
  • Deadly Barricade
  • Crazed Arena

The Joke/The Adventure Campaign

  • Tree Tribe
  • Hay And Pitchfork
  • Nothing To See Here
  • The Smallest Army
  • The Tiniest Attack
  • Honouring Their Champion
  • Pass The Bridge
  • The Chosen One
  • Sneaky Tribe vAbsolutely Not Ambush
  • Hiding Barrows
  • All The Archers
  • Death From Above
  • Traffic Jam
  • All The Potions
  • Mountain Tribe
  • Gotta Go Fast
  • Landstigning
  • Rush Down
  • Capsized
  • Heavy Hitters

Renaissance Campaign

  • A New Art Wave
  • Star Formation
  • Da Vinci Tank
  • Double Sleeve Protection
  • Charge
  • Detached Sleeve Protection
  • Triple Moon Formation
  • Renaissance Battle
  • Renaissance VS Tribal 2
  • Renaissance VS Tribal 3
  • Renaissance VS Farmer 2
  • Renaissance VS Medieval 1
  • Renaissance VS Medieval 2
  • Renaissance VS Medieval 3
  • Renaissance VS Ancient 1
  • Renaissance VS Viking 1
  • Renaissance VS Viking 3 vRenaissance VS Dynasty 1
  • Renaissance VS Dynasty 2
  • Renaissance VS Dynasty 3

Spooky Campaign

  • Bone
  • Fire
  • Candle
  • Blood
  • Pumpkin
  • War
  • Sword
  • Ritual
  • End
  • Cave
  • Turtle
  • Invasion
  • Field work
  • Cliffside battle
  • Three Kings
  • Breach
  • Temple
  • Berserkerpile
  • Boats
  • Celebration
  • Line of fire
  • Plunder

The Evil Campaign

  • Root of Carnage
  • Corrupted Fiends
  • Relentless War
  • Storm the Fortress
  • Demonic Invasion
  • Dismantle the Spears
  • Maniacal Infiltration
  • Quash the Reawakening
  • Diabolical Sieze
  • Vicious Greeting
  • Skeletal Corruption
  • Decimating Strength
  • Satanic March

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