The Game Boy Pocket is one of my favorite Game Boy designs. I actually still have my Game Boy Pocket, and even crazier, I was playing a game on it last night! It seems the universe was speaking to me, as today brings us a look at an absolutely gorgeous mod of the Game Boy Pocket by Allison Parrish.

Parrish was clearly inspired by the GBA SP’s clamshell design with their Game Boy Pocket mod, as they’ve taken the Pocket and cracked it down the middle. Now the Game Boy Pocket can be folded up and slipped into your pocket, thanks to this Game Boy Pocket SP mod.

Of course, this mod also uses some other new features, such as a beautiful backlit screen, but the star of the show is the clamshell design. If Nintendo put out one of these officially, I’d snatch one up instantly!

If you’d like to get a look at how Parrish built this custom Game Boy Pocket SP, you can find a blog with the complete breakdown here.

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