Just a few days back, we mentioned that Australian indie developer Jerrel Dulay was working on 7 titles for the Wii U and 3DS, with plans to bring most of them out this year. One of those games is Silver Falls: White Insides Its Umbra, a horror experience heading to Wii U. Check out the latest look at the game above.

Silver Falls: White Insides Its Umbra is a survival horror title that asks you to explore a deep, dark forest. You’ll use a Wii Remote to aim a flashlight, and the GamePad will act as a makeshift mobile phone. There’s even support for the Wii Balance Board in order to make moving around a more immersive experience.

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2y ago

Fair play to them supporting the Wii U and trying to use the uniqueness of the console to make it more immersive. If the game's good, I'll pick it up.