NFL Blitz returns with new Arcade1Up machine - available now

Bring back the hype of the N64 & Arcade classic!

05 November 2022
by kutiekatelyn 1

Despite the grumpy looking man (Hall of Fame Quarterback: Dan Marino) in the thumbnail, the return of NFL Blitz in Arcade1Up form is rather exciting news! Announced a few months ago but now available for purchase on Arcade1Up’s website. The mini-sized (comparatively) arcade cabinet includes 4-player support so classic homies like myself can relive those heated NFL Blitz matches from the N64 days. That is to say - if I had $600 to spend. There’s a trailer for it as well as gameplay clips if you’re interested in seeing the classic in action!

Are you going to be picking this up? It’s certainly a fun way to bring the classic but the price is definitely not something I could afford. Perhaps since they’re able to rerelease in Arcade1Up form, we could see the N64 version make its way to the eShop or maybe even Nintendo Switch Online+Expansion Pass? It’s merely speculation but it would be nice to see.

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1+ y ago

Such a fun game. To this day I’d choose a few rounds of NFL Blitz over any Madden or 2K football sim.