Plenty of people are out to preserve Nintendo’s games, and even though it’s no easy job, real headway is being made. While most are focusing on that side of things, one big gaming historian wants to make sure another part of Nintendo’s history isn’t forgotten; the toys.

Mr. Tilda on YouTube has started a very unique operation that aims to chronicle Nintendo’s history with toys, specifically their toys tied to video games. As you can see at the top of this post, Mr. Tilda is using a 3D scanner to create 3D models of Nintendo’s various toys, and then he’s turning those into videos for all to enjoy.

Sure, it would be a lot more fun to actually see these toys in person and play with them, but at least this way these toys won’t be lost to history. You can also spend some time browsing the many toys scanned so far to see just how long and varied Nintendo’s game-related toy history is!

To get a closer look at all the toys scanned so far, check out Mr. Tilda’s YouTube channel here.

Thanks to Moblin the Bold for the heads up!

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