Nintendo of Europe to merge Nintendo France, Benelux and Ibérica

All hail Nintendo Europe, the corporate overlord

08 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Nintendo has announced a considerable shift in how they handle their business in Europe. Starting off next year, Nintendo of Europe will bring Nintendo France, Nintendo Benelux and Nintendo Ibérica together under the same umbrella.

In July 2023, Nintendo France and Nintendo Benelux will merge. Over a year later in August 2024, Nintendo Ibérica will join that collective. All of these branches of Nintendo will operate under Nintendo of Europe SE moving forward.

Nintendo says they are making this change to improve business efficiency and accelerate decision-making. NOE’s corporate form will be changed to Nintendo of Europe SE as the new central regional headquarters in Europe.

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1+ y ago

They probably had different organisations for language purposes, but no reason that can’t continue under a single org.


1+ y ago

I guess this will improve marketing on Europe and not having to do serious layoffs...