Kirby first burst onto the scene with Kirby’s Dream Land, which launched for the Game Boy all the way back in 1992. That game managed to move 5.13 million units, and no other Kirby titles since have toppled it. Well, no other Kirby game until today, that is.

Nintendo has released their Q2 results for Fiscal Year 2023, and it provided an update on the total sales for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. According to Nintendo’s report, Kirby and the Forgotten Land has sold 5.27 million units so far. It took literally 3 decades, but Kirby’s debut game has finally been surpassed!

Even more impressive is the fact that Kirby and the Forgotten Land released in March of 2022. As Nintendo’s latest fiscal report ends with data up to Sept. 30th, 2022, Kirby and the Forgotten Land achieved its best-selling placement in roughly 7 months!

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1+ y ago

A typo in the story title and throughout the body. What is this amateur hour? Everyone knows it’s “Realms” not “Kingdom”.


1+ y ago


I legit almost typed it multiple times. This is a real problem!


1+ y ago

I do hope this doesn't give HAL that push to 3D permanently. There's a reason why 2D and 3D are around and in the case of platformers, 2D is best if it means keeping things simple.


1+ y ago


Didn't help New Super Mario Bros. People got bored of the return to 2D via 2 1/2 quick because the games offered little that was new each installment. We don't want Kirby to fall to the NSMB route.

Let Kirby be 3D for now before going back to the 2 1/2-D route for variety's sake.

New Super Mario Bros didn't really harm the series. The first two actually sold like 30 million each. Its Nintendo's lack of enthusiasm for the later entries that made the series more lackluster.

Kirby on the other hand has been consistently good even in 2D and had lots of innovation in. So its not a real bummer if they do make a new 2D one(also, Return to DreamLand is getting a remake on Switch).