Nintendo has been asked multiple times now about whether or not the Switch price will see an increase. While that might seem like crazy talk to some, it’s a move multiple hardware manufacturers across various industries have taken. This is due to a semiconductor shortage and other issues, which ends up causing headaches for unit production. So far Nintendo has answered ‘no’ every time, but their response this go-around is slightly different.

Following the company’s Q2 Fiscal Year 2023 report, Nintendo was once again asked if they would be raising the Switch price. This time, the Big N stated that they won’t take such action at this moment, but they will continue to monitor the situation and carefully consider the path ahead.

Again, no plans to change the Switch price for now, but Nintendo’s comments above leave the window open a slight crack for a rise in the future.

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1+ y ago

Call me cautiously optimistic but that sounds like a 'No but I'll say maybe just to keep the investors happy'


1+ y ago

Imo, the Switch is overpriced as is considering the age of the tech now. But as long as it continues to sell they have no reason to drop a price. It’s making a comfortable profit margin.

I fail to see the point of it overpriced.

If you are fine with LCD screens and a not so great kickstand, you go with the base one. If you don't like it being hybrid, you go with the Switch Lite. If you want a premium version of it, you go with the OLED.

Nintendo has given choices and based on that people go with what they think is worth. I don't see the overpriced argument here when you consider that it has not stopped selling.