Following yesterday’s Q2 report on Fiscal Year 2023, Nintendo has shared a follow-up Corporate Management Policy Briefing that has shared some interesting tidbits.

In today’s briefing, Nintendo took a moment to look back at how their days in the videogame business started, and how they’re still going strong decades later. This is due to the way Nintendo approaches their IP, and the relationship they have with their fans. You can see Nintendo’s statement in full below.

From a long-term standpoint, we believe that our business is built upon the close relationship we have maintained with our users over almost 40 years since the launch of Nintendo Entertainment System.

We believe people gain affection for, and become invested in, the characters they encounter in games. The way players connect with characters through their controller creates a kind of two-way communication that is unique to video games. With our users’ support, this kind of IP has grown into something special.

Nintendo has carefully crafted each title in accordance with the characteristics of the IP. This approach toward software development has not changed since we started developing titles for Nintendo Entertainment System.

With each new release, we implement initiatives to encourage both existing fans to play the title, and broad initiatives — both in-game and outside the game — to introduce the game’s characters to people who have not played the title.

We have worked to develop these initiatives in ways that suit each IP’s individual characteristics, so that even more people can enjoy our games.

People who first played Nintendo games decades ago are now parents and grandparents, and are playing games with their children and grandchildren. For us, that is an irreplaceable asset.

Thus, Nintendo IP has grown over the years along with the memories that players have made. Reflecting on this, we always keep in mind that Nintendo IP is also IP that has been nurtured by our users.


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You’re welcome. But we can only nurture F-Zero for so long without you Nintendo. Please give it some love.


1+ y ago

Ah Nintendo...the memories you give us all are irreplaceable.

I have no regrets sticking to you Nintendo.

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1+ y ago


Unfortunately F-Zero is an apt name for how Nintendo treats the franchise - meaning they give zero F's about it. :(