Following yesterday’s Q2 report on Fiscal Year 2023, Nintendo has shared a follow-up Corporate Management Policy Briefing that has shared some interesting tidbits.

Nintendo shared some stats on Splatoon 3 during their briefing, and in particular, they mentioned some info about the Splatfest World Premiere, which let people try out some aspects of Splatoon 3 before launch. Turns out that event wooed in quite a bit of newcomers.

While nearly half of the Splatfest World Premiere users were active users of Splatoon 2, the other have of participants was made up of newcomers to the series or had played in the past but moved on. In other words, lapsed fans were willing to give the third installment a shot, and those who had never played a Splatoon game were eager to give Splatoon 3 a go.

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