Following yesterday’s Q2 report on Fiscal Year 2023, Nintendo has shared a follow-up Corporate Management Policy Briefing that has shared some interesting tidbits.

Nintendo shared a bit more on how they’re aiming to implement environmentally conscious designs with their hardware. In terms of Switch, this includes reduction of power consumption for the current mode when compared to the Switch launch model. For example, the Switch OLED uses approximately 6W while playing games in TV mode.

Along with that, took the launch of the Switch OLED as an opportunity to reduce packaging, making the box approximately 18% smaller when compared to previous models. This reduced the usage of paper and other packaging materials and improved per-unit transportation efficiency.

Finally, at the end of 2022, Nintendo will start to replace the packaging for the current model of Switch with the same, smaller packaging used for the Switch OLED.

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1+ y ago

WOW! That is some serious eco friendly power consumption!

Don't see that in everywhere else do you?