Pokémon is the biggest-selling toy property for 2022 so far

Remember when Pokémon was a fad?

09 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Pokémon Co. continues to keep the Pokémon brand at the forefront of pop culture by releasing a wealth of content, and that initiative certainly includes toys. While many people might think of videogames first when it comes to Pokémon, the toy side of things is doing huge business as well.

NPD has shared a look at the five best-selling toy properties globally for 2022 so far, and believe it or not, Pokémon sits firmly in the #1 position. Now the year isn’t over just yet, but with the holiday season just around the corner, you can imagine that even stronger Pokémon toy sales are on the way.

Here’s the thing that’s really impressive. Pokémon toys are being out some absolutely major brands to take the top spot. Pokémon toys managed to outsell toys from Star Wars, Barbie, Marvel Universe, and Hot Wheels. It’s no surprise to see these other big names in the top 5, but it’s still amazing that Pokémon managed to fend them all off.

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1+ y ago

Turns out the real reason Pokemon are "pocket monsters" is that they leave your pockets empty of any cash.