Sonic Frontiers 'Undefeatable' soundtrack sample shared

You can't keep a good hedgehog down

09 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Sonic Frontiers launched for Switch yesterday, but that doesn’t meant the promotional machine stops. SEGA is going to spread the word on Sonic Frontiers for the rest of the year, and today that means we get to hear another soundtrack sample.

The video above showcases the tune Undefeatable, which features vocals by Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens). If you don’t mind a bit of spoiler content when it comes to music, you can give the track a listen above. You can also see a full breakdown of who’s involved with this song below.

With the largest threat Sonic has ever been pitted against, the odds are not in his favor as he approaches the big fight. It’s going to take the seven Chaos Emeralds and a bit of luck to take down the Titans of Starfall Island. Is he truly Undefeatable?


  • Vocals by Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens)
  • Lyrics & Co-Vocal Writing by Tyler Smyth (Dangerkids), Julian Comeau, Kellin Quinn
  • Composed & Arranged by Tomoya Ohtani
  • Co-Arranged & Mixed by MEG
  • Guitars & Programming: MEG
  • Vocals Produced by Tyler Smyth
  • Vocals Edited by Julian Comeau
  • Vocal Session coordinated by Jun Senoue & Tyler Smyth
  • Artist Management: 5B Management
  • Producer Management: John Youngman (Fly South Music Group)

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