Aksys Games released their otome game Paradigm Paradox on Switch recently, but they’re still releasing new trailers to drum up interest. Today’s trailer gives us a character profile for Ibuki.

Ibuki is a mysterious but gentle soul that’s more influential than you can imagine. Is he hiding something? Which team is Ibuki really on?

500 years in the future, the world as we know it has become uninhabitable. The remaining humans live in colonies, artificial environments surrounded by looming walls and a simulated sky. But rumor has it if you’re out past curfew, you may cross paths with a deadly monster…

High schooler Yuuki is as average as they come. She enjoys a mundane life of school, friendships, and generally being uninterested in boys, until one day she finds herself outside after curfew and face to face with a horrific monster known as a Vector.

Just as all seems lost, Yuuki is saved by four female superheroes and is invited to join their cause and protect the colony from the Vector threat! But there’s more to these girls than meets the eye. Join Yuuki on her journey to uncover the mysteries of the Vectors, her newfound powers, and why so many boys are suddenly talking to her at school!

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