Organizational games have really started to come into their own as a genre in the last couple years. There’s plenty of people who really enjoy organizing things, and doing so virtually scratches that itch in a big way.

The latest organizational title to hit Switch is A Little to the Left, which is available now following a surprise launch after today’s Indie World Showcase. There’s plenty of things to straighten up and organize in-game, but there’s even more when you see the main mode through to its end.

As we’ve discussed before, A Little to the Left includes a Daily Tidy mode, which gives you something new to figure out each day. In an interview with Nintendo Life, dev Annie Macmillan spoke about the team’s goals for this unique mode.

We were really into the idea of a bite-sized puzzle every day, and hoping that would keep people coming back to our game. We did like doing Wordle every day for a really long time, and it was a nice ritual. We thought it would be really cool if people had made our game part of their morning ritual. And it’s a way for us to be able to keep the game alive, beyond that initial playthrough.

here are puzzles in there that are procedurally jumbled up, and you get a different one every day for a certain number of days before it comes back to have a jumbled up version of the same type of puzzle.

[Developer Annie Macmillan]

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