Now that Sonic Frontiers is available, Sonic fans all over the world are digging into the blue blur’s latest adventure to see how it shapes up. Apparently things are going quite well, as players are reaching out Sonic Frontiers voice actors on social media to share their appreciation.

“Glad it’s being received well and enjoyed! Much appreciate the sharing of kind, supportive words, gang. Wishing you happy gaming!”

Along with that, the voice actress of Sage, Ryan Bartley, had a few kind words to share as well.

“Thank you @SEGA and @sonic_hedgehog. Honored to be joining this legendary cast and franchise as Sage in Sonic Frontiers. Happy release day to all! Time for you to meet her…”

Finally, Mike Pollock, the voice of Dr. Eggman, shared a quick, kind sentiment as well.

“Yeah, we did! Thank you for playing!”

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