Publisher Wired Productions and award-winning independent studio, Nosebleed Interactive have released the ninth episode of Insert Coin: The Making of Arcade Paradise documentary, titled ‘Composing the 90’s’.

In this weeks episode we go behind the scenes of the music and inspirations behind composing the Arcade Paradise Soundtrack, with interviews by writers Kieron Pepper (ex-Prodigy live drummer 1997-2007), Ben Pickersgill (Brighton producer [Klax, Critical]), and singer Stu Brootal (Ivar & The Horde).

Welcome to Arcade Paradise, the 90’s-fuelled retro arcade adventure. Rather than washing rags for a living, you decide to turn the family laundromat into the ultimate arcade. Play, profit, and purchase new arcade machines, with over 35 to choose from, to build your very own Arcade Paradise!

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