Wish you could play your GameCube and Wii games on the go? Well, if you have the technical know-how and a bit of free time, that desire could become a reality!

The above portable design was created by modder GingerOfMods, which was based on a project called the Ashida, which came from fellow modder Wesk. The mod certainly looks gorgeous on the outside, but inside is the real star of the show, as actual Wii hardware has been crammed in there. That goes along with GameCube buttons and sticks, a 5-inch screen, and a battery that packs in 3.5 hours of playtime.

If you really do want to own something like this, the blueprints and a detailed breakdown of how to build it are available. Again, you’re going to have to do the heavy lifting, but apparently this project isn’t all that demanding. It just takes dedication and an iron will to get it done! If you fit that description, you can find the full breakdown for this mod here.

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