There’s no doubt the Switch is getting a bit long in the tooth. The platform can still provide all sorts of amazing content, but we’re coming up on the platform’s 6th anniversary, which certainly gets people thinking about what’s next. While fans may be wondering about the Switch’s successor, Nintendo isn’t ready to talk about that.

In an investor Q&A session, Nintendo made it clear that now’s not the time for next-gen talk. Instead, Nintendo wanted to focus on the importance of Nintendo Accounts moving forward, as well as listening to fan feedback on numerous topics. You can see the full statement below.


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Hopefully that just means till after Xmas. While I love both Bayo 3 and Xeno 3, better textures and draw distance would be nice.

cheesus 2

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Hopefully they have something announced by the time Botw 2 comes out. I don't want to play a 900p 30 fps game in 2023.


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@cheesus 2

I just don't want to see Switch die like the original Wii did post 2010 that led to the rushing of Wii U and 3DS. Some say OG Switch can hang on for more years -- yeah if we don't want PS5/Xbox Series ports anymore. Nintendo cannot afford another era where indies are the only thing keeping them alive if 3rd parties start ignoring Switch to support Steam Deck instead at the minimum.

But I understand the fear of rushing out a more powerful Switch or Switch successor. We don't want a repeat of the Wii U and 3DS launches either. Nintendo can't keep hanging on Switch, but they can't rush any upgrades or platform sequels either. Pokemon Violet/Scarlet are perhaps the final bump the OG Switch would see since Nintendo doesn't appear to have a stacked 2023 (and remember Skyward Sword didn't save Wii from its collapse).

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While they could upgrade Tears of the Kingdom to 60ish fps, you are still gonna see plenty of 30 on next generation Nintendo hardware.

Portable requirements are a different beast,and Nintendo no longer designs their systems with horsepiwer as the only selling point

Its not that hard friend.

They are no doubt working on a next generation Switch, but they can't hit themselves today and tell people "no don't buy our Nintendo Switch, wait for Switch 2 because that one sucks!" when its not ready yet... And they have to sell MILLIONS of games and hardware the upcoming months, its not a joke, but i expect to hear news next year on next gen hardware super fanboys will just need to be patient

dude im hoping they repackage Bayonetta 3, throw a bunch of extra stuff, 'remastered' (it doesn't need a remake) textures, higher frames and other improvments, relaunch it as a special edition for $60 on Switch 2 and watch it sell more copies

Funny thing is, the other console warriors will still think the graphics are trash and complain nonstop

Mmmm 🤤


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Honestly I’d prefer it just being backwards compatible and getting a patch for the next generation switch that caps the frame rate and runs at a higher resolution. It’s a great game but I don’t want to pay full price for it twice. They already conned me into doing that a few times with their Wii U switch ports


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This, but I would be ok if they charged $10 for the upgrade. Redoing textures, testing the framerate etc takes work so I wouldn't mind paying for it. Though free would be nice.