Doug Bowser makes a trip to Nintendo OSAKA

Get back to work, Bowser!

11 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Back when Reggie was running the show for Nintendo of America, we used to hear from and see the big guy all the time. When Doug Bowser took over for Reggie, we saw Doug in action a little bit at the start, but ever since he’s gone pretty much radio silent. That’s why it’s surprising to see Bowser pop up on Twitter with some insight into what he’s been doing.

It appears Bowser took a trip out to Japan recently, as he just shared some pictures from Nintendo OSAKA, the latest Nintendo merch store to open. It’s obvious Bowser traveled to Japan for a visit to Nintendo HQ, but he got to have a bit of fun while traveling as well!

Bowser even had a chance to swing by Nintendo’s old HQ, which has been turned into a hotel. Looks like Bowser popped inside to have a look at the makeover. You have to wonder if he stayed for a visit while in Japan!

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1+ y ago

Did he go into Giga Bowser mode and destroy it?

Also, NOA is in Redmond, when are we getting a Nintendo store in the Seattle area?