Publisher Supergonk has announced that they’re bringing the futuristic racing game WARP DRIVE to the Switch on Dec. 1st, 2022. The title is priced at $25 and takes up 2.5 GB of space.

WARP DRIVE is fast-paced racing with a brand new way to drive: TELEPORT around the track to find shortcuts and hidden routes! Get behind the wheel of a powerful QUAD ROTOR to test your creative driving abilities. Race on the ceiling, jump huge canyons and drive up waterfalls in an epic inverted racing battle! UPGRADE your quad rotor in-between races, gradually improving its abilities, parts and appearance.

Follow the advice of your outspoken manager, Lenny, or just ignore whatever he says… what do aliens know about racing, anyway?! Use deadly HOMING MISSILES to smash opponents, or lay traps with BOMB MINES. Drive smartly, battle rivals, boost fast and warp your way to victory!

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