Just the other day, Eurogamer compared the Switch to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in terms of power consumption. Now they’ve turned their focus completely to the Switch in order to see which model is the most evo-friendly.


In this particular comparison, Eurogamer has pit the original launch Switch against the revised model that came out in 2019, and the Switch OLED as well. As you might expect, the situation gets better and better as you run down the line.

While all three versions of Switch are definitely modest when it comes to power consumption, the Switch OLED puts up noticeably lower numbers than the previous two platform. Those lower numbers run across the board, so no matter you’re doing on Switch (minus charging), the OLED is going to require the least amount of power.

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5M ago

If anyone’s confused about that, it’s because OLED screens don’t need backlights. They have a piece of carbon behind the pixels that charges them.


4M ago

That's awesome. Another reason to upgrade.