On April 23rd, 2022, Pokémon GO trainers are getting a Community Day event with Stufful, but it turns out there’s a bit more Community Day fun to be had before that.

On April 10th, 2022, Pokémon GO is running a Community Day Classic, dubbed Memories of Mudkip. You can read full details on this Community Day rerun below.

  • event runs Sunday, April 10th, 2022, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time
  • Mudkip will appear more frequently in the wild
  • you could also encounter a shiny Mudkip
  • Evolve Marshtomp (Mudkip’s Evolution) during the event or up to two hours afterward to get a Swampert that knows the Charged Attack Hydro Cannon
  • Community Day Special Research Story: Mudkip Community Day Classic ($1)
  • Event Bonuses: 3× Catch XP, Incense activated during the event will last for three hours, Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours, Take a few snapshots during Community Day Classic for a surprise
  • Event Bundle: special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 850 PokéCoins, featuring 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, 1 Elite Fast TM, and 1 Remote Raid Pass.
  • Event Bundle: bundle containing 30 Ultra Balls will be available in the shop at no cost.

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