Rogue Legacy 2 was shadow-dropped on Switch last week following an Indie World Showcase, and it gives fans of the first game a whole new world to explore. While some familiar mechanics also return, they’ve been revamped in some fresh and interesting ways. This especially pertains to the game’s Traits.

In an interview with Nintendo, Rogue Legacy 2 designer Teddy Lee spoke about the sequel’s approach to Traits. While Traits were a big part of the first game, there’s been some considerable changes to how they’re handled in this follow-up.

For the original Rogue Legacy, Traits acted more as surprises for people, just to make them smile when they played the game for the first time. But as they continued to play, the Traits would not be picked because players were no longer curious about them. For RL2 we’ve added a gold bonus when selecting certain Traits to encourage players to always test themselves and keep things interesting.

Even though some Traits seem like they’d never be chosen, the reward for challenging yourself can be very tantalizing. In fact, our most difficult Trait, called One-Hit Wonder, gives your hero only one health point. This seems crazy but with its massive gold bonus it is the most popular Trait in the game.

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