This War Of Mine originally saw release on a variety of platforms back in 2014, and 4 years later it made its way to Switch as This War Of Mine: Complete Edition. Developer 11 bit studios has been spreading the word on the game ever since, and it appears to have paid off with some stellar sales.

According to 11 bit studios, This War of Mine has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. That’s a combined total across all versions, so unfortunately, we don’t know how many units the Switch release sold specifically. That said, we know the game has done quite well on Switch, so there’s no doubt Switch players have contributed considerably to that 7 million total.

11 bit studios is equally proud of the recognition This War of Mine has gathered over the years. The game has been shown in countless exhibitions with highlights such as being featured at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and in the recent War Games exposition at the Imperial War Museum in London, and also its inclusion in the Polish national education system. Starting in the upcoming school year, This War of Mine will be added to the core curriculum of schools across Poland as complementary reading to use during lessons surrounding armed conflicts, morality, and ethics. Already in use by various teachers throughout Poland and by university lecturers worldwide, the impact of This War of Mine on impressionable students thus far cannot be understated.


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