Savory Poké Ball snacks heading to 7-Eleven Japan

Just try to keep these balls out of your mouth

14 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Once again we see proof that 7-Eleven Japan is far superior to North American locations, as our friends in Japan are about to get a very special Pokémon-related snack.

Pokémon Co. has revealed three different onigiri Poké Balls, and they’ll be at 7-Eleven locations in Japan later this month on Nov. 18th, 2022. There will be three different versions up for grabs, and they flavors are as follows:

  • teriyaki sausage patty on pepper rice with a garlic mayonnaise sauce (Poké Ball)
  • rice omelet with chicken rice, demi-glace sauce, and two kinds of mushrooms (Great Ball)
  • hard-boiled egg steeped in tonkotsu pork stock ramen broth (Ultra Ball)

The Poké Ball onigiri is priced at 172 yen (US$1.15), the Great Ball 162 yen, and the Ultra Ball 151 yen.

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