This new Super Mario Bros 3 mod adds new characters and moves to the NES classic

A heaping helping of Mario madness for Thanksgiving!

14 November 2022
by jmaldonado 1

It’s always incredible to see what dedicated fans are able to do to older games with modding and Super Mario Bros 3 + is no exception.

As the name implies, Super Mario Bros 3 + is an expansion on the original NES game with new characters and features, a short teaser trailer was posted to developer @infidelity_nes’s Twitter which you can watch above.

While full details on the mod aren’t yet known, we can see from the short teaser that it will feature playable Peach and Toad as well as new moves like the ground pound and wall jump. We’ll have to wait and see all the surprises the mod has in store for us when it releases this Thanksgiving.

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1+ y ago

Nintendo is gonna DMCA this quick since they want you to sub to NSO to play SMB3 on Switch.