Capcom has announced that come June 9th the original mobile version of the Ace Attorney Trilogy will be delisted and replaced by the game’s console port. For those unware the mobile version was actually the original release of the trilogy with the console ports coming later with improved features and a changed UI.

If you own the original version you can still play it after the date but you will be unable to purchase the game’s DLC so if you want the complete package be sure to get it now before you can’t.

You will also be able to redownload the game and DLC on IOS for the foreseeable future and on Android if purchased before February 13th, 2015. However, considering these games will no longer be updated they will very likely become incompatible with future IOS and Android models.

Conversely, you can also opt to upgrade the current version to the new version free of charge but, unfortunately, your save data will not transfer.

Will you be holding on to the old version for preservation’s sake? Will you opt for the newer version? Will you do both because that’s just how you live your life? More power to you.

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2y ago

I miss the original's animations. The Mobile/HD versions cut short certain animations. Makes the games feel a bit cheap if you ask me.

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