The latest video from Jeremy Parish takes a look at a trio of games that hit the NES back in late 1988. The system still had a ton of life left in it by this point, and there’s no doubt its best games were yet to come.

Bomberman and RoboWarrior don’t share much branding in common in the West, but both hail from the same germ of inspiration. RoboWarrior, AKA Bomber King, would branch off briefly to become its own thing under the auspices of developer Aicom, who kind of Hudsoned Hudson here by creating a variant of that company’s franchise and then claiming it as their own. Sort of. Except that outside of Japan it was reskinned into someone else’s thing. It’s complicated.

Othello, however, is not complicated. There have been plenty of Othello games over the years, and this is very much one of them.

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