A new trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been released, and it gives us a detailed look at The Abbey, a location that you’ll spend a considerable amount of time in.

Each day in Marvel’s Midnight Suns starts off in the Abbey, a relocated Transian fortress that’s remained safely hidden in a pocket dimension on the cliffs of Salem, Massachusetts for hundreds of years. The Abbey serves as the Midnight Suns’ headquarters and base of operations for all strategic decisions made outside of combat.

Different rooms in the Abbey allow you to utilize the rewards you earn from past tactical missions, such as studying Artifact Containers, analyzing Gamma Coils, and decrypting Intel Caches. These rewards help you prepare the Midnight Suns for future tactical missions by crafting new items and upgrading abilities. The Abbey is also where you can interact with the game’s roleplaying mechanics and build friendships with the other heroes.

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