Back in October 2022, Niantic ended up cancelling a Shuppet Spotlight Hour that had the special surprise of Zorua. The thing is, that event actually went live in Australia and New Zealand before the plug was pulled, which caused a bit of a headache for Niantic.

The reason Niantic pulled the event was because of a bug with Zorua that would take its moveset, CP, and height from your Buddy Pokémon, which could cause Zorua to be extremely overpowered. Niantic then removed the ability to use/trade this Pokémon, and again, cancelled the event for the rest of the world.

As an apology for the mishap, Niantic is offering a free item bundle that includes the following:

  • Star Piece x1
  • Poké Ball x20
  • Lure Module x1

Any Zorua that remained transformed due to issues with a Pokémon GO Plus or Poké Ball Plus will revert to Zorua. Finally, the restrictions placed on Zorua — including its use in the GO Battle League, trading, and transferring to Pokémon HOME—have also been lifted.

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