Pokémon GO trainers take their work very seriously, and some are constantly looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. That’s where items like PhotoFast’s 247 Catcher come into play, and it brings with it some lofty promises.

The PhotoFast 247 Catcher is an auto-catching device that claims it can catch Pokémon consistently for 5 days straight. Even more impressive is the the claim that the 247 catcher takes 6.5 seconds for each wild encounter. Finally, the device can also spin Pokéstops, and hop in on raids and gym battles.

If you want to snag one of these devices for yourself, you can do so through this link. You can also see the full list of supposed features for the PhotoFast 247 Catcher below:

  • The 247 Catcher is the world’s first Poke mon Go auto-tap catcher that solves the 1-hour connection limit. For those that play with a third-party auto-catcher, it is often incredibly hard to keep the device connected to the game for over an hour, the 247 Catcher now provides a solution to that problem.

  • Fast Auto-catch: Allow non-stop auto catch Monsters that are around you. Catching a Monsters just takes about 6.5 Second!

  • Auto-spin: Automatically spin Pokéstops for them. No more missing items or worry about running out of Pokeballs.

  • Auto-tap (attack): For those that like to battle in raids and gyms, users can now have the device do the work for them. Simply plug in the 247 cable with wording “RAPID” up and let the 247 Catcher work for you.

  • Auto Reconnect: Plug in the 247 cable with wording “247” up and place the other end at the Go Plus icon. It will enter the auto reconnect mode. Allow the device to stay connected for longer than an hour. No more 1-hour connection limit so you could catch Monsters all day long.

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery: Include a Type-C USB charging cable. You can recharge via power bank or other USB power source (adapter excluded). Charging time about 2 hours for up to 120 hours usage time. Save money and time for changing battery.

  • Smart Alerts: Users can be alerted for auto catch, Pokéstops, as well as Monsters caught can be shown via LED indicator light, as well as vibration and sound alerts. Button available to turn on/off vibration and sound alerts.

  • Portable Size: Product size about 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2cm and weight about 22g. Slightly larger than a coin. Storage case is included. You can carry around easily.

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