Believe it or not, today marks the 10th anniversary of the Wii U. It’s an anniversary few will celebrate, as the poor Wii U never really found its place in the market. Still though, the platform has some dedicated fans like the gang at Ultra Dolphin Revolution, and they’re recognizing the Wii U’s 10th anniversary with an update to one of their Wii U titles.

Last year, UDR released Captain U to celebrate the Wii U’s 9th anniversary. Captain U is a classic 2D platformer with a few twists and plenty of tributes. The game itself is an affectionate parody and celebration of Wii U games and players alike.

Captain U utilizes the Wii U GamePad for dual-screen gameplay, touchscreen controls and motion controls. The game also features pixel art from one of the first place winners of the official “2014 NES Remix 2 Pixel Art Contest” and stars one of the winners of Nintendo’s “I Love My Wii U! Video Contest”.

In honor of the Wii U’s 10th anniversary, Captain U has gotten a free update that adds additional content like brand new levels and modes, as well as additional surprises and cameos for players to discover. Fire up Captain U on your Wii U today and check out what this update has to offer.

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