Got some strong opinions about the Pokemon franchise? So do millions of other people, and a very small smattering of them shared their thoughts on a number of elements in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including which starter Pokemon was best.

In a Famitsu survey, roughly 2,000 people shared their thoughts on a number of elements in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The data revealed that players are planning to start off their adventure with Sprigatito, which got 40% of the vote, with Fuecoco coming in second and Quaxley bringing up the rear.

You can see the full breakdown of questions and results below.

Which version of Pokémon do you plan on purchasing?

  • Pokémon Violet (42.74%)
  • Pokémon Scarlet (27.60%)
  • Both (24.69%)

Which Pokémon will you choose in the beginning?

  • Sprigatito (40.68%)
  • Fuecoco (35.43%)
  • Quaxley (23.89%)

There are three main stories in this game. Which story do you plan on starting from?

  • Haven’t decided (66.52%)
  • Champion Road (23.77%)
  • Path of Legends (5.84%)
  • Starfell Street (3.88%)

Which legendary Pokémon do you want to ride on?

  • Miraidon (66.25%)
  • Coraidon (33.75%)

What’s the first thing you want to enjoy while picnicking?

  • Making sandwiches (39.53%)
  • Taking pictures with the Pokémon (34.46%)
  • Washing Pokémon (14.85%)

Are you going to purchase a physical copy or a digital copy?

  • Physical copy (66.40%)
  • Digital copy (33.60%)

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