Masahiro Sakurai has been sharing game development videos for a few months now, and they’ve all been incredibly insightful. Not only do we get to hear some development tips and tricks from Sakurai, but we also have caught a glimpse at some behind-the-scenes documents for Smash Bros., new footage of prototype games, and more.

Every once in awhile, Sakurai steps away from development videos to post something in the ‘Grab Bag’ series. Today is an example of that, and it has to be the video least related to game development yet. Instead of talking about games in any sort of way, Sakurai dedicates the entire video to his cat!

Apparently people have been begging Sakurai for years to talk more about his cat, and he’s finally obliged. Sakurai’s cat is named Fukurashi, and you can learn all about her in the video above.

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