Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are back with another look at Fire Emblem Engage, and today gives us details on Veil, Lumière, who are voiced by Reina Ueda and Kotono Mitsuishiand, respectively, and some details about the Sacred Land of Lythos.

Veil (official English name not confirmed) is a mysterious girl who suddenly appears in front of Alear as he’s about to be attacked by a monstrous soldier and saves him. It appears she’s travelling in search of someone…

Veil can use magic, and has no trouble dispatching monstrous soldiers. Why did she suddenly show up on the battlefield?


Lumière (official English name not confirmed) is the Queen of the Divine Dragons, the ruler of the sacred land of Lythos, and Alear’s mother. She’s a hero who helped humankind in their war against the Fell Dragon a thousand years ago, and saved the continent.

Lumière has been waiting for Alear to wake up for a thousand years. The video below shows part of a cutscene where Lumière, in order to protect Alear from monstrous soldiers, shows up as Divine Dragon and unleashes powerful attack.


The Sacred Land of Lythos is a land governed by the Divine Dragon Queen, Lumière* (who also happens to be Alear’s mother). It’s located at the very center of the continent of Elyos. It’s a bright place covered in grasslands, where a gentle and refreshing wind blows. Alear has spent a thousand years slumbering on the floating island of Lythos.


The following video shows some of the cutscenes featuring Veil and Lumière.

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