Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 update 1.4.0 is now available to download, which includes the new “New World Order” Asimov fight, and some bug fixes, check out the full patch notes below.

New Content

  • New boss battle “‘The New World Order’ Asimov” is now available. Find more details here.
  • Added an “auto-transparency” option to Story Mode+ which automatically hides the character portrait when it covers a character during gameplay.
  • Added an option to turn the Image Pulse cutscene off.
  • An icon has been added indicating when a Special Mission or additional Boss Mission has been unlocked. Additionally, a hint will be displayed for additional bosses until they are unlocked.
  • English voices have been added for additional contents where previously unavailable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the game could not progress when Kirin used her Ressen Slash ability in a certain location on mission “Cyber Daydream.”
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be returned to an unintended location when falling off-screen in the second half of “Holy Night XIII.”
  • Fixed an issue where Kirin’s talisman wouldn’t return from a locked-on enemy when performing an Arc Chain as the enemy disappeared.
  • Corrected some incorrect achievement text (Xbox only).
  • Fixed an issue where opening the menu right as a boss fight began would cause Story Mode+ to continue whle paused.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying a Hexapyle while a Kudos Song played would cause the name of the song to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the Passive Image Pulses MERAK and “The Slothful Conjurer” MERAK does not provide the intended effects.
  • Fixed an issue where if a boss was defeated while using “Azure Striker” ASIMOV, the lightning sound effect would continue to play.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Image Pulse SERPENTINE would continue to do damage to bosses during special attack cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue when using “Frigid Blossom” TENJIAN where Tenjian would remain onscreen.
  • Fixed an issue with the description for passive Image Pulse “The Slothful Conjurer” MERAK when playing in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Various other issues have been fixed.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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