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18 November 2022
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Firaga Records has teamed up with Occult Cats to release VGM Essentials: Pokémon Remixed, an album that embodies the atmosphere and excitement of the series. With ten tracks taken from Pokémon Red & Blue, Pokémon Sun & Moon and Pokémon Black & White, listeners will love this upbeat collection of tunes.

Inspired by the vibrant world in which Pokémon is based, artists from both record labels have come together to create this album. Artists featured include: RoboRob, Subcreation, Mega Flare, Stoobz, No Nice Things and more. VGM Essentials Pokémon Remixed features a variety of genres including Electro and Tech House and Chiptune. Each song is inspired by different locations or themes so get ready to be immersed in this thrilling adventure.


  1. RoboRob - Viridian Forest (Pokémon Red & Blue)
  2. Subcreation - Aether Paradise (Pokémon Sun & Moon)
  3. Mega Flare - Hall of Fame (Pokémon Red & Blue)
  4. Stoobz - Battle Theme (Pokémon Red & Blue)
  5. No Nice Things - Team Skull Theme (Pokémon Sun & Moon)
  6. T— - Lavender Town (Pokemon Red & Blue)
  7. KINO, RoboRob - N’s Castle Medley (Pokémon Black & White)
  8. Celeri - Battle! Elite Four (Pokémon Sun & Moon)
  9. Threeway Cuddle Fest - Mahalo Trail (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  10. Lazer Kitten - Pokemon Center (Pokémon Red & Blue)

Featured artists: RoboRob, Subcreation, Mega Flare, Stoobz, No Nice Things, T- - -, KINO, Celeri, Threeway Cuddle Fest, & Lazer Kitten.


VGM Essentials: Pokémon Remixed is available right now on the Materia Store on vinyl, CD and cassette. You can also listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

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