International Publisher Funbox Media Ltd today announce that in association with All3Media International and Objective Media Group, the Switch release of The Cube is set for release in Europe on Dec. 2nd, 2022. The Cube will be available both physically and digitally.

As millions of loyal viewers will be aware, contestants face a series of seemingly simple tasks in the hope of winning £250,000 – but the easiest of challenges prove much more difficult as the pressure intensifies inside The Cube.

The Cube video game replicates the television show’s best-known challenges – such as Vault, Fracture and fan-favorite Perimeter – and place competitors within the unique environment of The Cube. According to the show’s creator Adam Adler “This is the closest anyone can get to the real thing!”


With each of the games worth an increasing amount of money, players must keep their wits in check throughout this high-pressure game of mental agility, skill and strategy. And as they weigh up their chances of completing the next challenge, they must remember that one bad decision could leave them with nothing.

The video game features several different modes including three different multi-player options, which provides fun for the whole family. And there’s the ultimate reward – the Extreme Zone – where a series of special games, never seen on TV, await the few players who manage to defeat The Cube.


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