Those who played Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run mode no doubt recognize Marooner’s Bay. I loved Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 2, and Marooner’s Bay happened to be my favorite map. That’s why I’m ecstatic to see it’ll be making a return in Splatoon 3 with the Chill Season update.

Marooner’s Bay is an egg-collector’s dream with sandbars and a ship in need of minor TLC. Views abound from all elevations, and the land comes with tideland rights! Just don’t linger at low tide…

Starting on Dec. 1, all Splatoon 3 players with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will have access to the new “Chill Season 2022” content, which includes weapons and stages, new gear and victory emotes, and game modes.

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1+ y ago

I was really shocked to see so many people against this map in the Twitter comments because this was my favorite map too, RMC! Very pleased it'll be returning.