PlatinumGames continues to crank out dev blogs for Bayonetta 3, and they’re back with the 11th installment today. In this feature, we get a detailed look at the character modeling for the Homunculi.

This dev blog is handled by Bayonetta 3 character modeler Masahiro Mune, and they’ve shared all kinds of interesting insight into how the Homunculi were created. In this feature you’re seeing the models in their high polygon states, as they are made up of tens of millions of polygons.

In order for the Homunculi to be able to move properly in the game, Platinum needed to get the texture map applied to just tens of thousands of polygons. This simplification is an arduous process and how well it’s executed has a massive effect on the visuals of the final game.

If you want to see more modeling pics for the Homunculi, you can find them at this link.

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