Super Princess Peach is a Nintendo DS game from 2005 where you literally toyed with Peach’s emotions. The main gameplay mechanic centered on using the game’s Emotion Meter to channel Peach’s joy, gloom, rage, and calm feelings. These emotions would give you access to special abilities for solving puzzles and progressing through stages.

17 years after the game’s initial release, we’ve come to learn that Super Princess Peach was going to include more emotional goombas than what made the final cut. As you can see in the image above, there were actually four emotional responses for goombas at first, rather than two. Super Princess Peach uses both gloom and rage goombas, but the calm and joy goombas are nowhere to be found.

We have no idea why these two other versions of the goombas were removed from the game while rage and gloom both remained. Hopefully someone can do a bit more digging and find out how these emotional goombas played into the experience.

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1+ y ago

This was honestly an amazing game, and a real step forward in terms of representation. I don’t know why they never did a sequel.


1+ y ago

Loved this game. I also played it on my cinnamon DS lite.