Square Enix has been doing a great job lately with creating original RPGs. Sure, the company still has its big RPG names like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, but they’re also interested in creating RPGs that fall outside of those major franchises. HARVESTELLA is their latest example, but even this newcomer isn’t without its classic inspirations.

In an interview with Vooks, Scenario Writer Hiroto Furuya was asked about what inspired the title. Not surprisingly, some of Square Enix’s own works helped pave the way for this new RPG experience.

The story of Harvestella places a lot of emphasis on being a narrative that feels like it belongs in an RPG – it’s a story about saving the planet. The biggest inspirations were Square Enix games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross. We’ve built a unique world and lore with elements of science fiction mixed into fantasy.

[Scenario Writer Hiroto Furuya]

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